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make promises and don't commit to them. the biggest problem in america today, is the trust deficit. that's what the president promised us, and why so many people of all colors came toward him when he was first elected. he was going to reform washington, d.c. and frankly, we haven't achieved that. focused on that more than anything is what has to happen. >> james, this trust deficit, do you think that extends into the halls of congress as well. in terms of the partisanship, that we feel on capitol hill, how do you see us moving past? can trust be brought between the two sides? >> well, it's really difficult. we don't see enough authenticity, especially on the right in terms of the can daylig candidates put forward. when we have comments about women's issue and rape, we can't have that. talking about congress getting back on track, it's not about consensus. instead of taking oaths from grover norquist, can we get money out of politics? can we reduce the amount of special interest influence on the congress? can we reduce the amount of lobbyists or the number of lobbyists that have acc
's been most partisan in dividing and attacking. he also said he'd cut the deficit in half. he doubled it. he was going to get unemployment down to 5.2% right now. we just learned on friday it's up to 7.9%. that means 9 million more americans don't have work than what he promised. he also said he was going to cut your health insurance premiums by $2,500 a year. anybody seen that happen to them lately? no. actually for the average american it's gone up by $3,000 a year. and then of course he said he was going to save social security and medicare. came out with no plan to do either one of those things. in fact, he took $716 billion out of medicare to pay for his vaunted obama care. he said he was going to work across the aisle. he was going to work with republicans or democrats to get things done. interesting. you know, do you know how long it's been since he has spoken with either the senate -- the republican leader in the senate or the republican leader in the house? about either of the economy or the deficit or sequestration or jobs? it's been since july. i don't call that working across
group that opposed him. he also promised that he would cut the deficit in half. instead he doubled it. and you know, i know he says he wants to do something to help the budget. but i've learned that in order to balance the budget it starts -- it helps to have actually had a budget. to start with a budget. [ cheers ] >> you can't balance a budget unless you start with one. and he actually -- he actually put out a proposal this last year for the house and the senate to look at. now, there are 535 members of the house and senate combined. do you know how many people voted for his budget? zero. no one voted for his budget. paul ryan and i are going to get america on track to have a balanced budget. [ cheers ] >> he took on during his campaign another big promise. he said he would save medicare. he'd preserve it and protect it and save it from pending insolvency. what did he do instead? he cut medicare by $716 billion. [ audience boos ] >> he said he was going to have unemployment today down to 5.4%. we're 9 million jobs short of that. and he has no plan to get this economy going again to
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)